Zurab Ghvaladze’s wine cellar

Zurab Ghvaladze’s wine cellar is located in the village of Meore Obcha, several
hundred meters from the village’s main road. The wine cellar is divided into two
parts. The first part – a roofed building, is used to store wine in vessels made
of glass and stainless steel. The second part is partially open and contains
qvevris and a large wooden winepress. This is where guests are greeted. The
vineyards grow next to the house, where the owner grows Tsitska and Tsolikouri
varieties of grape to produce some of the region’s best wine.

  • Main Profile
    Wine Cellar
  • Availability
    Dec 31  -  Dec 31

Contact info

  • Phone +995-599-917883
  • Address Village Meore (Second) Obcha, 1004 Baghdati, Georgia

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